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From the smallest puppy to the largest dog we are learning all about the dog’s world.  Our mission is to watch, teach and learn how to help puppies/dogs and families connect through reward based training.  Humane, non-intimidating training is the path to a more harmonious environment where dogs and humans live together.

Either subscribe to our social media to see the videos we produce or enroll in our uniquely designed puppy training classes to work with us to make sure your new family pet understands all the basic taught with positivity and fun.


New pricing system under review please contact us for more information.

We run small personal group classes to make sure every dog gets the attention they need.

Our training classes are reward based. Teach the dogs what you want them to do from the beginning so that they don’t get into any bad habits.We have a maximum of 4 dogs in each class. This benefits the dogs for several reasons: they will always be able to have enough space and not feel overwhelmed, guardians can ask more questions and in general, exercises can be practiced over greater space.

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If group classes aren’t right for you we can hold 1-2-1 sessions to give you our undivided attention.

1-2-1 training with The Dog Log team involves a 45 minute session based upon your requirements. Our 121 sessions are centered around general obedience but allow the opportunity to focus on specific needs.

If you want to work on obidience issues like loose lead walking, recall, puppy mouthing or other dog manners then we are ready and waiting to help you out.

Our 1-2-1 sessions cost £30 and currently take place near Bolam Lake. Sessions are booked depending on our availability.

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If you feel that you might benefit from a behavioural input then please get in touch.

The Dog Log team start any behavioural work with a phone call where can collect more information about your situation and check we feel it fits into our remit. After this phone call we will provide some initial first aid advice and get the first session booked in. You get three sessions to be used when needed and it costs £180. You get the collective knowledge of Nathan’s scientific approach and Louisa’s ACE (Animal Centred Education) approach.


Check out the variety of videos that The Dog Log produce.

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Happy dogs, happy owners…


Sue Perry

I have had two dogs from puppies in the past but I feel like I am much better prepared now. Nathan had lots of great training tips and it was good to see it in my own home. Would recommend this if you are getting a puppy.

Jerry Kinver

Hi Louisa and Nathan,

Thank you so much for the help and encouragement you have given us over these past few weeks.  Seeing Inca today enjoying her class made us so happy.

Sam Whitehead

Fantastic training sessions from Nathan went from being at our wits end with a puppy that kept us up all night to a full nights sleep and a much happier puppy – made a huge difference to how we are managing these early settling in problems.

We are 100% committed to your dog’s wellbeing

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