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Our mission is to watch, teach and learn how to help puppies/dogs and families connect through reward based training.

Fun, supportive and non-intimidating training is the path to a more harmonious environment where dogs and humans live together.

We work alongside you to find a training structure which will focus on your family and life.

This allows us to tailor the training to gain the best results for your unique journey.

The Dog Log is Nathan & Louisa, a husband and wife team of dog trainers based in Northumberland.

Currently, Nathan is delivering in person training and has just completed his BSc in Canine Behaviour management. I am working away in the background developing packages and talking to you all on email and the phone.

We really like to get to know what makes each family tick and welcome you into our dog training community.

The Dog Log Ponteland, Northumberland


Dog training for all the family

Our new venue offers us the opportunity to really customise the training and control the environment.

Some of the training will require out and about experiences but for all venue focused training we are excited to welcome you to our new venue in Kirkley just outside Ponteland.

As a family-focused business our courses will mostly follow school terms, which means the price will vary slightly depending on the number of weeks in that half term. We will offer one off special classes and workshops over school holidays.

Either subscribe to or follow us on our social media to keep in touch and see the videos we produce or enroll on one of our uniquely designed training classes to work with us to make sure your new family pet understands all the basics taught with positivity and fun.


for puppy classes

puppy classes Ponteland, Kirkley, Morpeth, Pegswood, Northumberland, Belsay, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, Cramlington, Ashington, Dinnington, Rothbury, Otterburn & Hexham

Getting things off to a good start is so important with our puppies when they enter our family home.

Our puppy socialisation classes will provide you with this. Instead of the slightly predictable pattern of teaching sit, down and stay we will be focusing on real life scenarios.

You will of course learn sit, down and stay if you want however these dynamic classes offer a lot more.

If the puppies are able and ready they can be off lead, we will discuss your needs on a weekly bases via our private Facebook group and you can even organise walks with other classmates in our field to practise your new found skills.

puppy classes Ponteland, Kirkley, Morpeth, Pegswood, Northumberland, Belsay, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, Cramlington, Ashington, Dinnington, Rothbury, Otterburn & Hexham
dog behaviour support Ponteland, Kirkley, Morpeth, Pegswood, Northumberland, Belsay, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, Cramlington, Ashington, Dinnington, Rothbury, Otterburn & Hexham

dog behaviour issues

Sometimes things can go a little sideways on our dogs’ journeys and they can become anxious about something.

This can lead to some behaviours that are harder for us to deal with on our own.

Some examples are aggression (either towards humans or other dogs), separation anxiety, lead frustration, resource guarding, fear of the car and many more.

This is where Nathan’s excellent knowledge can help. He has spent years studying canine behaviour at university to ensure he brings you a high standard of support.


Happy dog training client review

“Fantastic training sessions from Nathan went from being at our wits end with a puppy that kept us up all night to a full nights sleep and a much happier puppy – made a huge difference to how we are managing these early settling in problems.”


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Perfect for dog owners in:
Northumberland, Ashington, Belsay, Cramlington, Dinnington, Hexham, Kirkley, Morpeth, Otterburn, Pegswood, Ponteland, Rothbury, Newcastle upon Tyne 

Fun dog activities Ponteland, Kirkley, Morpeth, Pegswood, Northumberland, Belsay, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle, Cramlington, Ashington, Dinnington, Rothbury, Otterburn & Hexham

activity classes

Do you want a class which builds on the connection you already have with your dog and uses their brain to learn new behaviours?

Or a chance to get away from the stress of life and create some quality time for you and your dog?

We are now offering activity classes with more to follow. If you fancy Parkour, Hoopers or TD Rally click here to learn more.


The Dog Log

We are passionate about our CPD and have completed the following:

APDT #01412
Foundation Degree Applied Canine Behaviour and Training
BSc (Hons) Canine behaviour management 
Chirag Patel: Puppy Training Workshop
Chirag Patel: Understanding, Managing and Modifying Problem Behaviours in Dogs
Hoopers with Happiest Hounds Dog Training
Parkour with IDPKA – International Dog Parkour Association  
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APDT Logo Nathan Squires
ABTC member
Based on 4 reviews
Training with Nathan has been a game changing for us and our border collie/toy poodle pup. Nathan’s training sessions are informative, relaxed, enjoyable and very relaxed. We’ve had 3 previous dogs but this puppy has been the most challenging. With Nathan’s training and help we’ve addressed so many problems - chasing vehicles, bikes, runners, not able to let her off lead as she wouldn’t come to you to name but a few. She’s now a joy to be with and a perfect furbaby. With our previous dogs we attended puppy training and even a dog behaviourists for a reactive dog but can definitely say our time Nathan has been game changing and so enjoyable. Just wish we’d found him earlier !
Markus Sayers-Franklin
Markus Sayers-Franklin
Nathan from the Dog Log worked with our new puppy late last year. The one on one outdoor sessions were invaluable and really set us and our boy up for success! Nathan explained everything in simple terms giving exercises to practice at home and really gave us and our dog the confidence we needed. Highly recommend!
Courteney Jones
Courteney Jones
The Dog Log Training is absolutely outstanding. The knowledge that Nathan has and the way he puts it into practice is not only amazing but also inspiring. Our dog Alfie is a large boy and very strong but with the help of Nathan we can now loose lead walk him anywhere we want to go without any fuss. He has also helped us with numerous other things I couldn’t possibly list them all. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without all the help and support from the dog log. Can’t recommend enough.
If you're after quality, rewards based dog training, I can't recommend the dog log enough. Obi's main sessions were with Nathan who went above and beyond to help my puppy overcome some challenging behaviour. He even went out of his way to come and visit me and Obi in our village to observe behaviour on walks. Nathan's wife, Louisa, also gave me some really helpful training tools. Obi is now 3 and without Nathan and Louisa, he wouldn't be the dog he is today. They taught me so much as a dog owner, and helped me guide a very naughty collie puppy through a very challenging first year of his life.


that truly captures your dog’s personality

The beautiful images used on this website have all been skillfully captured by talented photographer, Nathan.

With a unique combination of expertise in both dog training and photography, Nathan possesses the innate ability to showcase the true essence and exceptional qualities of your dog.


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