It’s great to meet you!

We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our business. We are a husband and wife team of dog trainers based in Northumberland. When we say husband and wife we also bring three children, two dogs and two Guinea pigs into the mix. Barney the Springer Spaniel is our old boy at 12 and Arran is a sprightly 8 year old Border Collie.

Currently, Nathan is delivering in person training and has just completed his BSc in Canine Behaviour management. I am working away in the background developing packages and talking to you all on email and the phone.

Our training and education is based in the use of positive reinforcement focused training. Nathan studied at APDT UK for 2 years and I have done 3 years with APDT UK.

Nathan and Louisa from The Dog Log Dog Training and Behaviour

We have both enjoyed attending many courses and conferences over the years but there are a few which stick out for us the most.

For me it’s an in person ACE course, the APDT activity weekends where we work alongside like minded trainers and a puppy socialisation course with Chirag Patel.

Nathan completed his FdSc in Canine Behaviour Training & Management in 2020 and particularly enjoyed Woof 2017 and ClickerExpo 2019.

Why does this matter to you?

Well, Nathan has been assessed to become a member of the oldest dog training body in the UK.

I am a student member looking to get my assessment in October. This means they have checked Nathan’s competency and he must abide by their code of conduct with a commitment to keep adding to his professional knowledge each year.

Also we have a complaints procedure for your peace of mind. It hasn’t had to be used yet, however, we welcome accountability in an industry that is completely unregulated. Yeah I know right ‘anyone can just set up as a dog trainer. Madness eh!?!


Nathan Squires The Dog Log Accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Our aim is to provide a training hub right at the heart of the community. We will take your needs and suggestions and ensure we are trained up to deliver.

We know that loose lead walking, recall and socialisation are currently important to many families. These can be provided in a range of training classes and 1-2-1’s.

Once these basics and the foundations of training are established, some fun/sport classes will also be on offer. I have a love for teaching Hoopers and Nathan loves Parkour for confidence and TD Rally and we both love a good tricks class. All of these sports build a good relationship and understanding between human and dog.

Louisa and Nathan The Dog Log Ponteland

When your dog has learned behaviours or behavioural issues with greater complexity to them, we will offer a small amount of more individual ‘behavioural’ 1-2-1 sessions. For those on their behavioural journey we will also be offering group based behavioural classes in an environment that we can control.

As well as a talent for working with dogs and their families and passing on his passion, Nathan is also a talented photographer. He offers location photoshoots which often feature lively action shots as well as powerful posed portraits.

Everyone’s dog training journey is different and we are here for you and your journey!

Louisa and Nathan The Dog Log Ponteland
Based on 4 reviews
Training with Nathan has been a game changing for us and our border collie/toy poodle pup. Nathan’s training sessions are informative, relaxed, enjoyable and very relaxed. We’ve had 3 previous dogs but this puppy has been the most challenging. With Nathan’s training and help we’ve addressed so many problems - chasing vehicles, bikes, runners, not able to let her off lead as she wouldn’t come to you to name but a few. She’s now a joy to be with and a perfect furbaby. With our previous dogs we attended puppy training and even a dog behaviourists for a reactive dog but can definitely say our time Nathan has been game changing and so enjoyable. Just wish we’d found him earlier !
Markus Sayers-Franklin
Markus Sayers-Franklin
Nathan from the Dog Log worked with our new puppy late last year. The one on one outdoor sessions were invaluable and really set us and our boy up for success! Nathan explained everything in simple terms giving exercises to practice at home and really gave us and our dog the confidence we needed. Highly recommend!
Courteney Jones
Courteney Jones
The Dog Log Training is absolutely outstanding. The knowledge that Nathan has and the way he puts it into practice is not only amazing but also inspiring. Our dog Alfie is a large boy and very strong but with the help of Nathan we can now loose lead walk him anywhere we want to go without any fuss. He has also helped us with numerous other things I couldn’t possibly list them all. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without all the help and support from the dog log. Can’t recommend enough.
If you're after quality, rewards based dog training, I can't recommend the dog log enough. Obi's main sessions were with Nathan who went above and beyond to help my puppy overcome some challenging behaviour. He even went out of his way to come and visit me and Obi in our village to observe behaviour on walks. Nathan's wife, Louisa, also gave me some really helpful training tools. Obi is now 3 and without Nathan and Louisa, he wouldn't be the dog he is today. They taught me so much as a dog owner, and helped me guide a very naughty collie puppy through a very challenging first year of his life.